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Major Projects


Asphyxiating Gas Review

  • Development of Asphyxiating Gas Assessment and Control Standards
  • Key considerations, risk  assessment methodology, control options; training
  • signposting, control systems, lock out strategies
  • Identification of cryogenic and compressed gas systems
  • Site audit
  • Assessment of potential for asphyxiation -
  • factors; access, occupancy, potential gas release volume, room volume, ventilation rate
  • control systems
  • Quantitative risk assessment
  • Provision of control requirements


Development of Chemical Management System (Chemalert based)

  • Site Audit
  • Development of intranet database
  • Design and incorporation of New Chemical Approval process
  • Development and implementation of training package
  • Conduct stock audits and risk assessments
  • Implementation of area audits on an annual basis
  • Regulatory compliance through Register, Risk Assessments, Notification, Site Plans and Manifests

Asbestos Site Audits

  • Identify site and regions for audit (91 sites - Victorian / Southern NSW)
  • Contact site and regional managers for access
  • Conduct site audits
  • Identify asbestos containing materials
  • Provide audit report and site plan for each location
  • Generate Asbestos Management Plan


Recent Projects


Asbestos Part 5 Audits

Barwon Water, CSL Biotherapies, Deakin University, Graincorp, OneSteel Market Mills,

Asbestos Part 6 Audits

Graincorp, City of Greater Geelong Skilled Stadium

Confined Space Audits/Assessment/Training

Australian Automotive Air, CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory, The Avenue Hospital, Venture Industries

Contractor Induction Program

CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory

Dangerous Goods Assessment

Bekaert Australia Steel Cord, Barwon Water, CSL Biotherapies, OneSteel Laverton Steel Mill, Venture Industries

Dust Monitoring

ARC Fencing, Graincorp Geelong, Heinemann Electric, One Steel Market Mills, Tyco Water

Environmental Noise Assessment

City of Greater Geelong, One Steel Market Mills

Fibre Monitoring (Asbestos/SMF)

Graincorp Geelong, One Steel Market Mills

Hazardous Substances Assessment

Barwon Water, CSL Biotherapies, OneSteel Laverton Steel Mill, Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co.Ltd

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

CSL Biotherapies, Hewlett Packard Australia Limited, International Fibre Centre, Geelong Info, Sydney IVF

Lead Process Assessment

Australian Automotive Air Pty Ltd

Manual Handling Audit

Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co.Ltd

Noise Survey

ARC Fencing, Australian Tallow Producers, Bates Pipes, Graincorp, OneSteel Market Mills, Securency Pty Ltd

Non ionising radiation assessment

GMH Port Melbourne, TMP Worldwide, Port Kembla Coal Terminal

OH&S Program Development

Deakin University Printeries

Permit System

CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory

Plant Audit

CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory

Plasma and Oxy Acetylene cutting assessment

Bluescope Distribution, Smorgon Steel Materials Division

Solvent Monitoring

Venture Industries, Securency



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